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Rocco Falcomata Managing DirectorAbout Building Angels.

My name is Rocco Falcomata, I am the founder of Building Angels. I would like to explain a little about Building Angels and how it came about.

In actual fact Building Angels is really Building Angels Version 2, as I tried to register the Charity the first time around the year 2000 and was not successful in obtaining a deductible tax recipient status from  the tax Department.  Eventually I stopped trying and decided to de-register the company.

The idea of establishing a charity with a different approach was still on my mind for many years, but it wasn’t until the beginning of 2012 after reading Richard Branson’s new book “Screw Business As Usual” that I decided to try again. The book gave me new inspiration and new passion, I would like to salute Richard Branson and also my daughter Lisa for giving me the book for Christmas in 2011. I wondered if the name was still available? Lucky for me it was so Building Angels was registered for the second time on the 26th of April 2013

With renewed commitment to try to make a difference I decided to put more time into helping people in need. My decision is to invest whatever money I can, keep working and contribute part of the profits and more time doing charitable work. Part of my desire is to use a different approach than many other not for profits organisations. I want to use my expertise and my contacts in the building industry as well as the community to assist Building Angels by supplying services and materials so that we can help people in need. I have always believed that most people will give more in kind than cash.

I would like to thank five friends who have agreed to join me on the Board of Directors and help me in this great cause. They are Anna Falcomata, Annalisa Haskell, John Fitzgerald, Rob Lees and Ward Wescott. I am sure their contribution and sound knowledge will ensure we achieve our goals.

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