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Building Angels would like to recognise and thank a number of trades people who supplied their time and material to assist two families in need. The CEO and Founder of Building Angels Rocco Falcomata was able to enlist the support of Arte Joinery and Prime Plumbing Group to complete these projects.

Pepe from Arte Joinery ([email protected]) and Michael from Prime Plumbing Group ([email protected]) donated time and materials to complete the two projects and their contribution was very much appreciated.

The maintenance issues Anna (not real name) faced included matters of safety for her family, who were unable to use areas around the home due to exposed rusty nails and rotten timber. There were other areas around the home which had been neglected as Anna fought to balance the family budget, including adequate weather protection for essential utilities which, if left unattended would eventually have led to significant costs.

Susie (not real name) was unable to complete plumbing and other repairs to her home. In addition one of Susie’s children had a rare skin condition which required a regular bath as part of the treatment. Unfortunately Susie’s property had a shower only.

These families are now able to utilise all areas of the house in safety. The outside utilities are now provided with all weather protection. The plumbing problems have been fixed, a replacement vanity and sink  installed, and a new bath was installed to create a combined shower/bath facility in Susie’s home. According to Susie the work completed by Michael and Pepe was “like a dream”. In her own words the work completed “helped me so much, this kindness has not happened in my lifetime”.

Building Angels would like to thank these tradesmen for their contribution, and as a result were very pleased to be able to help Anna and Susie. Building Angels continue to seek out new projects.

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