Christmas Poem.

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Christmas Poem

Christmas is a time of music

A time for carols and song

Some of us just listen

And others sing along.

It’s a time for laughter

And a time for joy

A time to be with family

And their company enjoy.

A time for mother and Father

For sister and brother

A time for all the family

To sit and talk and be together

Around the Christmas tree

A time for making friends

While drinking wine or beer

And forgetting any gripes

Collected through the year.

A time for being together

Sharing with the ones you love

A time for giving and forgiving

As our Lord does from above,

A time for baby Jesus

Lying in a manger

A time for making friends

Even with a stranger.

But most of all a time for family

To share in joy and cheer

The spirit of Holy Christmas

That comes just once a year.

I wish you great festive season filled with love and beautiful thoughts! May God bless you and fulfill your life with all the things you wish for!

May he protect you from harm and keep you in good health!

Keep smiling, stay happy and stay healthy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Rocco Falcomata

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