Rocco Falcomata

CEO Founder

roccoRocco arrived in Australia at the age of 12, began his career aged 13 selling papers. Rocco started his business career at 19 with plastering contracting business with his father.
Rocco was awarded Bronze medal for best apprentice in the last year of his apprenticeship. By 1970 he employed about 20 people working exclusively for Mainline and by 1986 he employed around 80 people in all facets of plastering.
During his business career Rocco had contracts is some of the famous landmarks in Sydney including Queen Victoria Building, Shangri-la, Four point and Stamford Hotels, Sydney International Airport terminal, Qantas Sydney Domestic Terminal, Westpac head office Corner Macquarie Street and Martin Place and many others.
As Testament to his business acumen Rocco was awarded the N.A.B Ethnic Business award as well as being Nominated the fastest private growing company. With 9 companies and 450 employees, including a plaster manufacturing company. Rocco was awarded a ten year option to develop the Italian Forum at Leichardt. and at its height his companies achieved an annual turnover of $45,000.000.
Recently Rocco has been working on development of 490 rooms for student accommodation in Bathurst NSW, first stage conversion of old convent into first forty rooms completed in March.

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