“Australia is a very rich country and most of us have done very well. Their comes a time to reflect, to stop doing the things that seemed important and to get a little wisdom in life. Building Angels is an attractive idea developed by Rocco Falcomata. It utilises the skills we have all developed to make ourselves comfortable whilst helping others who may not have been as fortunate. Building Angels is out to partner with others to achieve its goal of helping people with difficulties in housing. It is focused on doing and making happen, this is what I like about Building Angels and the reason I have joined with Rocco and the Board of Building Angels.
John Fitzgerald
Where does the money go ? That is the question that evades me when I donate to a Charity. How much actually gets to the intended recipients ? With Building Angels the answer is virtually 100% goes to the intended recipients. There is no payroll. The founder, Rocco Falcomata and the Directors provide their time for free. Apart from a few minor expenses there are no other costs or salaries to milk the flow of funds and benefits to the very worthy recipients. In addition the recipients of the generous Building Angels benefits are carefully vetted to ensure we deal with genuine cases of need and hardship. Lastly Building Angels is not a selfish Charity. It will assist other Charities where their combined strength provides a better result. I thank Rocco Falcomata for his vision and providing me with a better way to assist those suffering hardship. It is an honour to be a Director of this fledgling organisation. We are striving to ensure that as many people as possible benefit from the generosity of Building Angels. You are welcome to join us.”
Rob Lees
During the years I have known Rocco Falcomatta, I have found him an enthusiastic and committed person who always conveys a sense of excitement and urgency. When he approached me to explain his redirected focus on Building Angels, I was quick to agree to assist and join the Board. Richard Branson’s book “Screw Business as Usual” had motivated Rocco, so I obtained a copy and got very excited too as I read its 400+ pages of stories documenting what can happen when we bind human energy to helping people in need. Branson is visibly changing the world for the better, encouraging people to “give back” and we will emulate his success via our dedication to Building Angels’. Please join us by donating your time, cash and/or to bring us a project of merit which we should undertake by assisting someone in need.
Ward Wescott
“Dear Rocco, I am proud to support Rocco Falcomata’s vision to create a fairer and brighter future to those in need by being on his board of directors. His unwavering passion for those less fortunate and desire to use his strengths in the building and property industry to help, is remarkable and I am sure with help from the community, stakeholders and partners we will build a collective wisdom and passion to help more and more people in need.
Chief Executive Officer GAICD Local Government Managers Australia New South Wales” Annalisa Haskell, Chief Executive Officer GAICD Local Government Managers Australia New South Wales”
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